Different SEO strategies


SEO can take some serious work! Using different strategies can have a positive impact for your SEO. Here are some for you to consider and help you reach potential customers and clients.

Make sure your site is mobile friendly. Over 80% of adults own a smartphone and spend close to two hours a day online. Therefore, Google recognizes 50% of all traffic as mobile. It is very important for mobile sites to be on an equal level as a desktop or traditional site, to have a strong presence, search ability and content. Be sure to use a variety of keywords. SEO no longer looks at just singular keywords. Strong keywords can propel you to the top of search placement. You can use a tool such as Rank tracker, or Googles keyword planner to help you chose keywords that will save you effort and time.

Spend time on social media. If you perform a search for your business do your social media pages pop up? This can assist your SEO positively. Of course, your webpage should be first, but when a user sees your social media pages as well, it cements your brand. It is advised you delete duplicate accounts or inactive pages. If pages come up with wrong or misleading information, make sure they are updated or deleted. Search engines like consistency.

Work on inbound links back to your site. This increases referral traffic and will increase SEO. Get links from quality sources by selling yourself and services to people who blog, write or report on your industry. Make sure you have valuable content on your page that people want to see and link.

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The Importance of Backlinks


Backlinks are a crucial part of successful search engine optimization. They can even be seen as the foundation of SEO. Backlinks are real links that are directed and connected towards your website. Another name for them is inbound links. Google loves backlinks! In their eyes, backlinks of good quality make your page relevant and will promote your site to the top listings when a search is performed. They help determine the relevance of keywords in connection to websites. Therefore, for a backlink to be seen in a positive light, it needs to have content that is related to your site. If it isn’t, it is seen as being irrelevant. Search engines notice this, in fact they even prefer backlinks that have been added slowly and steadily. They do not want deceptive backlinks that are considered to be hidden links and automated generated websites that do nothing but provide backlinks are a no no! Google has a name for these; “link farms” and if you use them on your site, search engines can penalize you, or even ban your website.

Backlinks have another purpose besides stimulating SEO. They can drive people to your site, especially if you use reciprocal back linking. In a nutshell, this means you can exchange links with other website owners to help increase each other’s rankings. Just make sure the link swapping is relevant content wise and that the links are trustworthy. If you link to a bad website, Google will consider this negatively. Be aware about linking websites that share the same IP address. A search engine can view this as deception.

With careful consideration, backlinks have a positive effect of SEO and sending people to your site. Just use them correctly so search engines don’t penalize you.