Webinar Marketing – Keeping an Audience

Webinar Marketing – Keeping an Audience

Webinars are becoming increasingly popular. It is a simple way to share information and promote your business all around the world via a few clicks on your computer. The trick is maintaining an audience. To do this the webinars must be clearly communicated, educational and entertaining. People have short attention spans, here are some hints to keep them focused.

Have a goal in mind! Set a number you want to reach for registrants and work towards reaching it. This is a quick way to help you measure success. Remember though, that normally only 25% of people who register, actually attend the webinar. Get your audience to watch and listen by picking a topic that interests people, not just you. Choose a topic broad enough to appeal to many people but is targeted to be selective. What will get attendees excited? What will have them talking about the Webinar and spreading the word to entice people to watch your next one? There is no shame in promoting your Webinars by offering a drawing with a prize or discount to your service.

Don’t forget the old saying “right place, right time”. This means do not host your Webinar over the weekend, this is obvious, but a common mistake. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are recommended at around 1:00pm. Cater to your targeted audience though, if your largest audience happens to be overseas, work around the time change.

Ask for feedback, what worked, what didn’t? People enjoy giving their opinion and you may find some valuable advice. Be sure to send a registration confirmation and a thank you email. Give people the option to add the Webinar to their calendar so they are reminded about it. A reminder email or two is a good idea. Do not hesitate to market the Webinar on social media platforms or your webpage.

Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor

Editor is a management tool used by advertisers for bulk ads creation. Think of it as a plugin which meshes nicely with Google Chrome. It has an upload, download system allowing you to download information from Ads manager and then use it to build campaigns and ads. You can access it by going to ads manager and hitting power editor on the left hand toolbar. It will prompt you download your data which you can then filter.

Some great tools exist within editor. One of them is the ability to control the time when your ads show, making sure it is at a time when the majority of your targeted audience is online, in any time zone. You can even decide if you want your ad to only be seen on a mobile device, and how many times it can be viewed. You can split the audience of your ad to see what group gives you a better response. If you have many ads you want to run, editor allows you upload them via an Excel spreadsheet, and you can duplicate campaigns.

Editing and designing the ad is simple. This is because errors will be clearly identified letting you know you have not finished everything you need to before the ad can be posted. Just follow the instructions and it will be self-explanatory how to create a completed ad. You are in control of the link description, the headline, images and text. A preview is generated for you to review and decide if you want to make changes.

When you are done reviewing, you simply click upload and voila! You have an add (depending if it passes Facebook review process)

Editor is easy to use, multi-functional and generates great results. It is a solid feature created by Facebook and helps take the guesswork out of ad creation.

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business

It is a misconception that Pinterest is not designed for businesses, and is geared towards personal hobbies or DIY projects. If used properly, Pinterest can have a positive effect for businesses.It is a site experiencing rapid growth and attracting millions of users. So it is recommended that you jump on board! Statistically, the majority of Pinterest users are women, so it can be a way to help reach a demographic you may not be tapped into.

There are a couple of steps to take to utilize Pinterest to the fullest. First, make sure you create a business account, this will give you analytical tools targeted to promote your business. Pinterest actually has a business center to help guide you through this and provide many resources for you to use. It can walk you through pinning, using key words and setting up links on your website and other social media platforms. Pinterest is very easy to link and integrate with your other platforms.

Second, remember that Pinterest is a Visual Social Network site, the key to success is having engaging visual content. So have a plan, how do you want your company to be visually represented? What images will you use to engage people, to get their attention and share your pins on their pin boards? Do you want all your pins to have a common theme?

Third, what boards will you create? Look out for categories and topics that represent your business, services and products. What will appeal to your targeted cliental? Make the title of your boards interesting and eye catching.

Fourth, follow other companies and boards similar to yours. Engage with users, see what is being re-pinned and build your own Pinterest community. Add web links to your pins that show the source (hopefully your website) and this will guide people towards your site, increasing traffic.

Fifth, decide how often and at what time you want to pin. If you are pinning late in the evening and noticing you are not getting many re-pins, then consider pinning earlier. Research has shownthe most popular time for pinning is between 2-4pm.

How to Get More Likes On Facebook

How to Get More Likes On Facebook

Facebook is the world’s leading social media platform. Businesses who maximize the potential of Facebook can have great results. It is a fantastic way to reach multitudes of clients, customers and tap into potential consumers. One way to do this is by obtaining more “Likes”. Here are some tips on how to get people liking your posts and reading about what you have to offer.

  1. Make sure the content you are posting is relevant to your business and is interesting. People will like and share posts that are fun to read and have great content. If your posts are becoming repetitive and getting little attention, think about changing the format you are using. Use some humor, or useful facts to make them catch people’s attention.

  2. You don’t want to bombard people with posts, or they may block or unfollow you. People can be picky about what they want popping up in their newsfeed. However, consistency is good! Figure out if posting once a day (as an example) is generating interest and if so, stick with it, and don’t miss a day.

  3. Spend some time analyzing if timing is affecting your posts. If you post early in the morning with few likes, try posting in the afternoon and see if that generates more likes.

  4. Using pictures and graphics can gain likes. Some people prefer a visual statement, rather than reading through a wordy post. There are plenty of images you can legally use from the internet without the threat of copyright violation. If you are handy with publisher or similar programs, you can add wording to the images and craft them for your individual business. People may be more likely to click like on a photo, simply because they don’t have to spend time reading!

  5. Keep post shorts. People will pay more attention to 80 to 100 words than they will 200. Let’s face it, our attention spans are not what they used to be.

  6. Don’t hesitate to ask people to share your posts! Ask people to like, share or comment and you may be surprised how this will boost your likes.