The Importance of Blogging – Blog, blog blog away!

The Importance of Blogging – Blog, blog blog away!

In the 1990’s blogging became a new way for people to express themselves, and share experiences and opinions online. For some writers, blogs became an online diary. Fast forward to 2016 and we see that most companies have a blog section on their website. It is a way to keep clients and consumers up to date with what’s going on within the company or to write about what is trending within the industry.

Blogs can be written in many styles and will normally hold the attention span of readers if they remain within the 200 to 250 word mark. People like to skim over information and if your company isn’t blogging, then you are missing out on an effective tool to reach many people quickly and effectively.

Blogging is a sure way to increase your online presence, it is a proven way to increase your SEO. By posting frequently it shows search engines that you have original content and quality content. This helps your rankings when a consumer does an online search for your industry.

Don’t stress about writing the blogs, there are many professional blog writers who are fast, knowledgeable and cost effective. Professional bloggers know how to utilize key words that will allow the blog to have a large online impact. A well written blog can bring traffic to your website, be a fantastic marketing tool and allow you to express a personal side of your company to your customers. Blogging can promote you as a leader within your industry. Treat it as an opportunity to show off your company’s knowledge and expertise.

Facebook vs Google +

Facebook vs Google plus

Let’s be honest, trying to compete with Facebook is a challenge. The beloved social media site has a tight grip around the globe that is hard to break. This doesn’t stop companies trying though! Google + is one of these entities that has made an attempt at being competitive and trying to gain some of Facebook’s multitude of users.

Google is extremely multi-faceted, and offers consumers a wide range of choices from being a search engine to managing business pages. Google + at first was marketed as a rival to Facebook but it was deemed as confusing for users. It was meant to be a platform layer that bought together all of Googles sharing models. Consumers became frustrated having to need a Google + account to do things such as leaving comments on YouTube videos, or needing a + account to utilize some of Googles other services. This has since changed, but consumers can be picky, and Google lost some of the social media market which can be difficult to win back.

As a result, Google + has struggled to find a niche, which is the complete opposite of Facebook whose role in social media is understood and utilized by the masses. Google + was unable to compete on the same level of Facebook. This doesn’t mean it is a useless platform though. Google + is taking a more focused direction with the launch of “Collections” and its chat app “Hangouts”. This new direction will allow Google to re-focus and perhaps become attractive for users who were disappointed by Google +, but want alternatives to Facebook.

Keyword Research is Key to Success

Keyword Research is Key to Success

A keyword may seem simple, but there is more to it than just typing in words in a search engine and hoping for the best. The success of a website can be determined by the ranking of keywords. Getting a high return based on keyword research is crucial in the field of “search marketing”.

It is recommended that some time be spent locating which words are the most popular, relevant and seen as important in your individual market. The correct keyword demand can help you target phrases and jargon to use to generate increased traffic to your site and business.

Keyword research can help you identify what changes are occurring in the market, meaning what are people/consumers searching for? What are they seeking?

SEO professionals know how to utilize researched keywords to make sure they reach higher rankings in search engines. Finding the most successful keyword is then an entryway into knowing similar keywords will be just as successful. Using a simple thesaurus can help with this, but there are keyword suggestions tools out there as well such as “Google Adwords Keywords Planner”.

It can be tricky though, you need to pick a relevant keyword, one that has limited competition but a high number of searches. Limited competition can mean a high rank in search engines. Yet keywords that don’t have as much competition are ones that are not searched for frequently which means it will not generate the desired amount of web traffic.

This is where a good SEO marketing company will make the world of difference in making sure you generate web traffic to your site and business via keyword searches.



Social Media is always changing, it is a marketing professionals dream to have so many tools at their fingertips. However, it is crucial to keep one step ahead of the game. Here is a look at some platforms you may not be familiar with, but can be extremely useful.


Sometimes your employees can be a great way to get the word out about your company. If they don’t mind sharing information on their personal accounts, Addvocate can assist them. A browser plugin can be installed and employees will get content recommendations directly from a marketing team. Statistics are then generated showing how many clicks, looks, likes and bings are being generated!


Swayy brings you content in the form of articles and allows you to determine if you want to share them by automatically bringing up your social media platforms such at Twitter and LinkedIn. There is no easier way to share information with the masses across your many media platforms.


People love a great visual! Photos, artwork and catchy memes can really draw attention to your blog, webpage, social media account or article. To find photos that have a creative commons license, meaning they can be used commercially use Compfight. By performing a quick search, this program will scan through Flickr and find the best photo for your personal use. Remember to give attribution to the photographer!


The hashtag craze isn’t going anywhere soon! This tool allows you to see what conversations are being had in social media based around hashtags by pulling content associated with them. This is great for brand monitoring and content curation.


If you are organized and have the ability to plan your social media content ahead of time then Post Planner can be your best friend. It allows you to schedule content ahead of time and receive analytics about the post.


If your employees work in a team setting then Rignite is for you. Rignite allows teams to have discussions and chat groups/forums within it. So for people working on the same account, this sets them up for super productivity because team members can see what their colleagues are doing and not repeat tasks.